New act added and line-up

We’re really excited to announce the addition of The Pocketbooks to the line-up! Here is the playing order. The first band are on at 3pm and the live music will finish around 11:30pm. We’ll be posting a handy guide up here soon with details on travelling to the venue, info on the local area and the library, and more background about our campaign to save libraries and their services.

Bands from start to finish: The Sunbathers, The Give-It Ups, The Sweet Nothings, Horowitz, Leaf Library, Darren Hayman, A Little Orchestra, A Fine Day for Sailing, The Pocketbooks, Jens Lekman.

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1 Response to New act added and line-up

  1. Manish says:

    can’t wait for this! Is the Jens show a solo show or will he have his full band?

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